Dieticians support.

Eat well and correctly.

As a nutrition specialist, the dietician plays an important role in learning and respecting food hygiene guidelines. Her role is to encourage the consumption of balanced dishes (without fats and superfluous sugars, for example), while preserving the pleasure of eating.

Healthy Eating Advisor

The dietitian advises the person how to stay in good health by means of a proper diet. The goal is to maintain health or control weight.

She carries out the following tasks on her own initiative:

  • measurement of anthropometric parameters and skin fold;
  • measurement of bioelectrical impedance;
  • record of nutritional history and analysis of food behavior and consumption;
  • establishment of the nutritional balance sheet.

Prevention | Research activities | Collective catering

The dietician:

  • participates in various prevention, treatment, education, training, coaching, information and screening activities in the field of nutrition;
  • undertakes or collaborates in quality improvement activities with respect to collective catering but also individual nutrition needs;
  • undertakes or collaborates in research activities in her field of competence.

In the context of collective catering or in institutions hosting the public, the dietician:

  • elaborates food plans and menus taking into account specific diets for certain pathologies, eating habits and nutrition guidelines;
  • may be responsible for enforcing hygiene rules at different stages of the food chain and for monitoring other aspects of the food service quality;
  • advises the persons concerned on the development or refurbishment of the catering service.

The profession of dietician is a regulated profession in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

There are 23 regulated health professions. They are listed in the 26 March 1992 law.

Since this profession is regulated, it requires a license to practice at the Ministry of Health.